Journey from Data to Insights

AIOps and Observability Virtual Summit September 29, 2021 @ 11:00 AM EDT

Mission Overview


The time is now for your organization to adopt an AIOps platform that simplifies the operation of complex IT infrastructures to help you deliver differentiated digital services. Hear from your peers and see the benefits of turning data into insights.



Mission Commander

Nick Lippis

Co-Founder and Co-Chair ONUG

Learn why organizations must adopt a network-centric approach to manage the complexities in a multi-cloud, remote work and 5G world to move into the future of enterprise computing.

Mission Crew

Nick Lippis, ONUG

Nick Lippis

Co-Founder and Co-Chair

Andre Kindness, Forrester

Andre Kindness

Principal Analyst

Forrester logo
Alexander Zäh, Fujitsu

Alexander Zäh

Practice Lead for ITOM & DCIM Solutions

Fujitsu logo
Ashwin Mallam

Ashwin Mallam

Director, Automation Engineering

Gary Williams Telefonica

Gary Williams

Product Manager for Connectivity Products

Telefonica and O2 logos
Serge Lucio

Serge lucio

General Manager

Broadcom Logo

Mission Schedule


11:00 am – 11:05 am

Welcome to the AIOps & Observability Virtual Summit

Speaker: Kieran Taylor


11:05 am – 11:25 am

The Network Is What Connects Everything


Today’s flexible IT business platforms are enabling organizations to accelerate their digital transformation journey. At the same time, the adoption of multi-cloud, remote workforce and 5G are creating complexities, making the network the critical connective tissue that holds it all together. Organizations must adopt a network-centric approach to manage the complexity and simplify the operations of these complex infrastructures.

Speaker: Nick Lippis, ONUG

Moderator: Kieran Taylor

11:25 am – 11:45 am

Why Network Observability Is Critical In Today’s Multi-Cloud, Software-Defined World


The network connection is often a customer’s first touch.  Businesses of all kinds must have a robust network platform to support their digital initiatives. Learn why organizations must have clear network observability to ensure that digital and remote experiences for customers and employees are reliable and performant.

Speaker: Andre Kindness, Forrester

Moderator: Kieran Taylor

11:45 am – 12:15 pm

AIOps & Observability: The Journey from Data to Insights

The pandemic-driven acceleration of digital transformation is pressuring organizations to deliver exceptional digital experiences faster, while managing increasingly complex IT environments. While end-to-end visibility across the entire digital delivery chain is critical to their success, collecting this data is only the first step. By applying automation and intelligence, they can unleash new capabilities and insights that connect the data to drive digital business strategies and outcomes.

Speaker: Serge Lucio

Moderator: Kieran Taylor

12:15 pm – 12:35 pm

Telefonica: Using NetOps to Increase Operational Efficiencies and Future-Proof SDN and Connectivity Services


SDN/SD-WAN are critical technologies that support today's modern, flexible infrastructures. Learn how Telefonica is providing consistent customer experience through a single point of visibility and reporting across a heterogeneous, multi-vendor environment.

Speaker: Gary Williams, Telefonica

Moderator:  Jeremy Rossbach

12:35 pm – 12:55 pm

How Fujitsu Is Using AIOps to Enable Continuous Insights


AIOps plays a critical role in bringing all related data in the data center together, analyzing it to deliver insights and automating responses in order to streamline operations. AIOps creates visibility and transparency while breaking down silos and enabling collaboration. Fujitsu is leveraging AIOps to support a Site Reliability Engineering approach to deliver up-to-date availability planning to support the current and future needs of the business.

Speaker:  Alexander Zäh, Fujitsu

Moderator:  Jessica Waldron

12:55 pm – 1:15 pm

Broadridge: Using Observability To Deliver Outstanding Client Experience


As a leading fintech provider, Broadridge is no stranger to digital transformation, helping organizations leverage the latest technologies and the right infrastructures to fuel their digital growth. For the applications that drive their business, end-to-end observability is a critical element to ensure the delivery of differentiated digital services.

Speaker: Ashwin Mallam, Broadridge

Moderator:  Amy Feldman

1:15 pm – 1:35 pm

AIOps & Observability In Action - The Demo


In this demo, we'll explore key use cases that help organizations simplify and streamline IT operations while enabling collaboration across IT and business roles.

Speaker:  Jason Normandin

1:35 pm – 1:40 pm

Tour the AIOps and Observability Showcase

Speaker:  Kieran Taylor

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