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Achieve Digital Transformation Success with Value Stream Management

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Player 1: The Headliner ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: CONNECTION, INNOVATION, AND KEEPING IT REAL: BOWEN YANG Join Bowen Yang, Emmy-nominated comedian, writer and actor for a not-so-typical Q&A. Explore a unique perspective on how Bowen – knowingly or not – applies VSM principles in his life on Saturday Night Live and beyond. SUBPAGE LINK

Break Through Barriers with VSM

We’ve traveled a long way in digital transformation, but tough obstacles remain. In our third annual VSM Summit, experts and peers showed how value stream management breaks through these barriers by bringing people and data together. Follow their journey to see how these new ways of working help every organization, team, and individual to move forward with a common purpose, and maximize the value they create.

On-Demand Recordings

These VSM pioneers shared their valuable time with us, providing insights and expertise to help you move forward with VSM and maximize the value you create.

VSM Resources

Find out how Value Stream Management solves tough challenges in digital transformation by improving visibility, alignment, and efficiency. Explore these ebooks, guides, videos, case studies, and more.

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