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2022 Automation Virtual Summit On-Demand

Workload Automation in the Cloud

The key to successful Cloud adoption

Are you ready to deliver value to your business?

Leading enterprises are adopting cloud services at a fast pace, impacting how well IT Operations deliver business services to their companies. In our Automation Virtual Summit, experts and peers will share their strategies on how IT Operations can succeed when moving services to the cloud.

Maximize Value to Your Business

Cloud adoption changes how IT Operations have to work. Find out how you can continue to provide significant value to your business.

Increase speed and keep quality

Changes in Operations reduce time to market and impact the quality of service; it does not have to be this way. 

Successfully Adopt Cloud

Remove IT Operations barriers to getting cloud adoption into production.



Welcome to the virtual summit

Serge Lucio, GM for Agile Operations Division at Broadcom Software will introduce the event and discuss why automation has a critical role to play as we move to adopt more cloud services.


How workload automation is impacted when adopting cloud
Dan Twing, President and COO, Enterprise Management Associates

Cloud adoption is impacting IT Operations and how we run our business processes. The proliferation of automation services across our clouds challenges our operating model, operational cost, and service quality. Automation that enables us to maintain a central command and control can help us deliver the high-quality service our companies demand and improve the control IT Operations has over workload.


Does Enterprise Automation have a place in this new world?
Valerie Fowler, Automation Product Manager, Broadcom Software

Enterprise Automation has provided IT operations backbone for several decades; with workloads and applications migrating to the cloud, there are various new tools to be considered for managing the execution of your business processes. This session covers the challenges of introducing these new automation tools and the advantages to extending the reach of your existing enterprise automation solution.  


Deploying Automic Automation to Kubernetes on Public Cloud
Gabor Fritz, Automic Consultant, Swiss Re Group

Learn about the ongoing cloud journey of one of the world's leading reinsurance companies, as they are moving their business-critical workload automation solution to the public cloud.


Discovering insights to improve workload throughput
Jennifer Chisik, Product Manager, Automic Automation Intelligence

Take advantage of the wealth of information in the AAI historical database to gain valuable insight into your critical batch processing trends and statistics.  This session will cover available analytics today and exciting new analytics you can look forward to seeing soon.


Automation in the Cloud - What are some of the best practices?
Dave Kellermanns, Global Advisor for Automation, Broadcom Software

Everyone is packing up and moving their workloads to the cloud, but one challenge remains - these workloads need to be automated. Whether cloud-native, cloud servers, or a hybrid model - you need to know what, when, and now also where. Join us to hear some of the best practices around cloud automation, lessons learned, and things to consider.


The future of automation from Broadcom Software
Kaj Wierda, Senior Product Line Manager for Automation

This session will cover the highlights of Broadcom Software’s automation strategy. Central to our automation strategy is you, the consumers of our automation solutions. Join this session to hear from the Senior Product Line Manager where automation is going and how you can be successful in automation, independent of where you are in your cloud journey.


Product Showcase

See your automation in action.


Meet our presenters

Serge Lucio
General Manager of the Enterprise Software Division
Dan Twing
President and COO, Enterprise Management Associates
EMA logo-1
Valerie Fowler
Product Manager for Automation
Jennifer Chisik
Head of Product for Automation Intelligence
Dave Kellermanns
Global Advisor for Automation
Kaj Wierda
Senior Product Line Manager for Automation
Gabor Fritz
Automic Consultant, Swiss Re Group

Product Showcase

Empowering Workload Automation with Intelligence
The Total Economic Impact™ Of Automic Automation Intelligence
Automation Intelligence Customer Panel
Automic Automation Intelligence Critical Path for Automic Automation
Automic Automation Intelligence Critical Path for Automic Automation
Empower Your Cloud Strategy with Enterprise Automation
Managing Workloads in Multi-Cloud Environments with Automic Automation
What is Site Reliability Automation
End-to-End Automation for Your Data Pipelines
6 Ways AutoSys Workload Automation Operationalizes SOAPs
AutoSys Plugin Extension for Databricks
AutoSys Plugin Extension for Databricks
AutoSys Plugin Extension for Azure Data Factory
AutoSys Plugin Extension for Azure Data Factory
Integrating with AWS Step Functions
Integrating with AWS Step Functions
Kafka Plugin Extension
Kafka Plugin Extension
ESP CA 7 AutoSys & dSeries Relevance in a Cloud Enabled World
ESP CA 7 AutoSys & dSeries Relevance in a Cloud Enabled World

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