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Ai, Devops, SRE, Automation, and More

Hear thought leader Tom Davenport’s perspective on AI-driven decision making, and learn how your peers are driving business outcomes with a new approach called BizOps.

What you will learn...

Learn about how BizOps can help align technology initiatives

Learn how a BizOps approach can help you align your technology initiatives to business outcomes in 2021.

Hear how BizOps is transforming companies

Hear how the world’s leading companies are transforming from a technology cost center to a business value center.

See BizOps demos that help teams adopt AI-driven automation

See Digital BizOps demos that will help your teams optimize flow of value, release code with confidence and adopt AI-driven automation.



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BizOps: An AI-Driven Approach to Decision Making

In this session, world-renowned thought leader and author, Tom Davenport shares why you need to embrace an AI-driven approach to decision making for digital transformation success in 2021 and beyond. He’ll share real-world examples of why digital initiatives are failing due to legacy systems, technical debt and data silos that block the collaboration needed to create value for customers. Attendees will get practical advice on how this new approach combines AI tools with cross-functional teams to drive customer-centric transformation success.

Speaker: Tom Davenport
Moderator: Kieran Taylor

IDC Perspective: Adopting BizOps to Accelerate Digital Transformation Results

Stephen Elliot, IDC Program Vice President, walks through BizOps, a new framework for data driven decision making that's aligned to business outcomes. Learn how BizOps extends DevOps to include continuous measurement and strategic business planning to enable digital transformation at the speed of business change.

Speaker: Stephen Elliot
Moderator: Kieran Taylor

Delivering a New Level of Trust and Transparency with BizOps from Broadcom

Serge Lucio, General Manager of the Enterprise Software Division shares how BizOps from Broadcom can help organizations change the way Business and IT collaborate to deliver on business outcomes. Learn firsthand how Digital BizOps provides a new level of planning, development and operational intelligence helping our customers optimize flow of value, release code with confidence and adopt AI-driven automation.

Speaker:Serge Lucio
Moderator: Kieran Taylor

Ford: Evolving from Project-Driven to Product-Driven, Driving Digital Transformation

Hear the success and lessons learned during Ford Motor Company’s digital transformation journey. Serene He-Pang, Agile DevTools executive, shares how Ford has evolved from a project-driven workforce to a product-centric organisation with a new level of agility and efficiency to maximize business value.

Speaker: Serene He-Pang, Ford
Moderator: Rich Howarth

Nationwide Building Society: Ensuring Continuous Quality for DevOps Success

DevOps promised that we could deliver more, faster, and with confidence. However, blockers to adoption and transformation can make those goals hard to achieve. From disjointed toolchains to a lack of predictability and visibility - persistent challenges can make DevOps success elusive and frustrating. Join us for a discussion with Rich Jordan, Test Engineering Manager at Nationwide Building Society, the world’s largest building society.

We'll cover:
"So many tools, so much complexity" - Address tool proliferation and manage legacy infrastructures
"We can deploy daily but QA takes 3 weeks" - How to embed quality throughout the CI/CD toolchain
"So many reports!" How to get actionable analytics and make data driven decisions

Speaker: Rich Jordan, Nationwide Building Society
Moderator: Sushil Kumar

SUN LIFE: Adopting a SRE Model to Improve Client Experience

SUN LIFE shares how IT teams can transform and safeguard the Client experience by implementing aspects of a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) model.  By adopting best-practices and leveraging machine learning, teams can detect problems and anomalies automatically. In this session, Shayne Rinne, Director of Operational Excellence, shares how to create a new level of transparency to ensure application reliability while supporting the application velocity that drives the digital business.

Speaker: Shayne Rinne
Moderator: Sudip Datta

ADP: Transforming IT to Drive Operational Excellence and AI-Driven Automation

Learn how ADP is transforming their IT operations by employing a shift left strategy to drive efficiency and operational excellence. Mike Sydor, Chief Architect, shares best practices for establishing KPIs aligned to business outcomes and the role of AI-driven automation.

Speaker: Mike Sydor, ADP
Moderator: Kurt Sand

BizOps from Broadcom Demo

Join Kurt Sand for an interactive BizOps demo where he'll show how you can gain new cross-correlated insights to help you optimize flow of value, release code with confidence and adopt AI-driven automation.

Moderator: Kurt Sand

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Want to Learn More About BizOps?

Check out the new BizOps research published by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services on how BizOps is connecting IT to business outcomes.

Like DevOps, BizOps is an approach, not a product or technology. It’s a framework for optimizing software development and delivery to foster the achievement of business objectives.

Event contact: BizOps@Broadcom.com