When only 3 of 10 digital transformations bring actual value, it’s time for a change. It’s time to turn the focus from delivery execution to value realization.
With people-centric strategic portfolio management, you fund the teams doing the work rather than individual projects. As a result, everyone’s working with one set of metrics, pulling toward the same set of goals.
Explore the resources below to learn how people-centric SPM with Clarity by Broadcom can help your organization succeed.

“Fund People, Not Work!” Check out our Infographic to explore how People-Centric Strategic Portfolio Management can benefit your organization’s ability to track and deliver value.

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Curious about People-Centric Strategic Portfolio Management? Explore how to work better by uniting the company under one set of business metrics.

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White Paper

In this white paper, we delve into the principles of People-Centric Strategic Portfolio Management.

Learn how to remove obstacles to business insights, create tighter alignments between business and delivery units and extend the decision-making power to teams, without compromising governance.

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2024 Clarity Buyer's Guide

Ready to get started? This guide will equip you with knowledge of the tools required for People-Centric Strategic Portfolio Management. 

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Dive into our Webinar series full of expert insights on a People-Centric Planning approach. Tune in live or catch on-demand replays.

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