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Amy Feldman
Welcome to the NetOps Virtual Summit


Welcome to the NetOps Virtual Summit.

Serge Lucio
How Agile Operating Models Drive Business Outcomes


Organizations need to strategically transform to move from ideas to outcomes faster and adopt an agile operating model to increase innovation and improve operations. Serge Lucio, GM, Agile Operations Division at Broadcom will lay out how organizations can adapt to better achieve the business outcomes they seek.

Shamus McGillicuddy
The Trends Driving the Need for Network Visibility Anywhere

Shamus McGillicuddy, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)

Today’s digital business has changed how we use networks and is driving an increased focus on reliable network connectivity. Network monitoring tools that can extend visibility beyond the enterprise data center to internet monitoring, user experience monitoring, active testing of network delivery and network path tracing is how organizations will assure success of work from anywhere, SaaS and Cloud adoption and modern technology deployments like SD-WAN and SASE.

Matt Stevens and Sudip Datta
Achieving Network Visibility Anywhere


Network complexity has risen exponentially with the increased reliance on internet connectivity for business-critical apps. As the largest enterprises adopt the cloud, migrate apps, and embrace hybrid work environments, the requirement for visibility into the entire network delivery path is paramount. Organizations must have both visibility of the networks they own and those they do not. In this engaging panel discussion, you’ll learn how organizations can gain this visibility by extending NetOps with AppNeta to understand the end-user perspective.

Dan Ellsweig
Coty Improves Customer Experience with 75% Reduction in Triage Times along with SaaS and SD-WAN End-User Experience Monitoring

Dan Ellsweig, Coty

Coty is a world leader in cosmetic, skincare and fragrance brands and the customer experience is imperative to meeting revenue goals. Learn how Coty optimized network delivery for the customer experience with comprehensive visibility, drastically reduced troubleshooting times and end-user experience monitoring.


Scott Bulger
Providence Health Assures Customer Experience Leveraging a Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Scott Bulger, Providence Health

Traditional network-management tools were designed to monitor the health of routers and switches in a data center or an on-premises network, but the cloud poses different challenges entirely. Scott Bulger, Senior Network Reliability Engineer at Sisters of Providence Health, will discuss how leveraging a Hybrid Cloud strategy makes it critical that teams have the ability to track end-to-end packet loss, jitter and latency, into the service provider cloud and back, giving teams the autonomy and the validity to speed up MTTI and MTTR.

Bruno Sousa
How NOS Guarantees Optimized Service Assurance at Scale During the Pandemic Using DX NetOps

Bruno Sousa, OSS Senior Engineer, Fixed Network & OSS Platforms Division, NOS

Session abstract: NOS is a leading communications and entertainment group in Portugal that delivers multiple service offers to both residential and corporate customers, over fixed and mobile networks, using the most advanced technologies like FTTH in fixed network and 5G in mobile. Customers depend on these services during the pandemic more than ever and NOS guarantees optimized service assurance at scale using DX NetOps.

Sean Armstrong
Visibility Anywhere – The Demo


In this demo we’ll explore key use cases that help organizations monitor and deliver great user experiences no matter the network, from the enterprise data center, to the cloud and beyond.

Product Showcase

DX NetOps

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NetOps Upgrade Weekend
NetOps Upgrade Weekend


AppNeta Overview Video
NetOps and AppNeta - Better Together
NetOps and AppNeta - Better Together
Network Visibility for SASE Environments
Network Visibility for SASE Environments
Extending Network Visibility with AppNeta
Extending Network Visibility with AppNeta
AppNeta: Identifying Work From Anywhere Connectivity
AppNeta: Monitoring Critical APIs Using HTTP Monitoring
AppNeta: How to Hold ISPs Accountable for Last-mile SLAs
AppNeta: Managing Microsoft Teams
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