Here’s the latest research on Digital Product Management and why almost three-quarters of all companies are using it to get their business transformation initiatives off the ground.


Key Findings:

  • 90% say DPM enables the shift from projects to products
  • 86% indicate DPM better connects business objectives and customer needs
  • 91% claim DPM improves communication between business leaders and development teams
  • 89% state DPM makes digital transformation easier
  • 94% of DPM initiatives are successful

DPM Research Report

Created by Dimensional Research and sponsored by Broadcom Software, the report shows that enterprises are implementing two new approaches to meet their 2022 business objectives: move from projects to products and manage those products as digital assets.

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Latest DPM Trends Infographic

Check out the latest DPM trends in this infographic.


DPM: A Proven Value to Businesses

Survey Findings Blog - Here's a quick overview of the DPM survey findings.

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What Does Forrester Say About Digital Product Management Emerging Tools and Technologies?

Read the Forrester Report:
New Tech: Digital Product Management Tools and Tech, Q2 2021

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