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LeLANd melvin

Retired NASA astronaut, former NFL football player & engineer

Learn how you can plot a mission to your next business advantage, discover greatness in life and business from NASA astronaut Leland Melvin.


Mission Crew

Boeing: Lynda van vleet

The global maker of airplanes, satellites and missiles, had enough of silos and communication breakdowns around aligning the company’s investment strategies with its technology execution. To make sure that the funding was yielding the expected ROI, that teams delivered on time, and that customer demands were met, the Project Management Office fused planning and DevOps, using Broadcom’s ValueOps solution.  Hear how Boeing took on value stream management at scale.

Hershey's: Emma Price Terzian

In order to create the best candy experience in the world, The Hershey Company is centralizing its product life cycles – from investment planning through agile work management to continuous planning, and back – on Broadcom’s ValueOps solution. As a result, finished products, like new store displays and factory safeguards, are delivered faster, with fewer quality disruptions and higher customer satisfaction in the midst of a global epidemic. Don’t miss this chat with the famous candy maker about deploying value stream management.

Chipotle: Ricky heileman & Mason Ingalls

The fast-casual dining chain, famous for its made-to-order Mexican dishes, faced a huge dilemma when Covid-19 shut down the world. With more than 2,000 stores in North America and Europe, Chipotle had to find a way to keep serving its customers – safely and efficiently. From contactless payments to electronic menus and guest engagement apps, the chain had only weeks to get new technology planned, designed, built, tested and deployed. Come hear how Chipotle used Broadcom’s ValueOps solution to transform its business.

Forrester: Christopher condo

Application development and delivery (AD&D) leaders focusing on velocity and cadence are finding there’s more to software delivery than going fast. Indeed, shifting the focus from outputs to outcomes can provide greater insight than velocity alone. Using value stream management (VSM) tools, AD&D leaders gain better insight into their organization’s software-developing processes to see whether or not they’re delivering value. Join Forrester Principal Analyst Christopher Condo for an in-depth look at the business advantage VSM can bring to the enterprise.

Broadcom: Serge lucio

While value stream management isn’t new to the software-building crowd, it’s only now gaining traction among executives. What does value stream management mean to your business strategies? Why are some companies better at it? What do executives need to know to get started? Join our fireside chat with Serge Lucio, GM of Broadcom’s Enterprise Software Division, for answers to some of your most burning business questions around value stream management.

Demo Videos

ValueOps: VSM Solution from Broadcom
Get Clarity: Idea Management
Get Clarity: Project Management
Get Clarity: Resource Management
Get Clarity: Strategic Roadmaps
Rally: Managing Portfolio Items
Rally: Analytics and Reporting
Rally: Capacity Planning
Rally: Dependencies and Risks
Rally: Rich Team Support
Rally: Working in Portfolio Kanban

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Learn what Value Stream Management means in your industry, at your company, with your teams.


Hear from industry experts and enterprise customers how Value Stream Management boosts product quality, team efficiency and concept-to-cash transparency.


See how Broadcom’s Value Stream Management solutions provide clarity into investment planning, while rallying the teams to deliver.

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