Designated Weekend Upgrade Program

Dedicated support staff to ensure successful software upgrades.


Program Benefits

Program Benefits

  • Staffed Support & Development Team during Designated Weekend Upgrade Program
  • Improve the speed of L1 & L2 collaboration resulting in increased response times to any issues
  • All upgrade related case severities supported
  • Shorten maintenance window requirements
  • Updates for currently known security and vulnerability possibilities

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Why is it important to upgrade?

  • All fixes exist in the latest version
  • Latest version has all the new functionality
  • Best hardware and software compatibility
  • Furthest away from end of service release to ensure maintenance and support remains available


"The program worked fantastic! With support being online with us, we resolved any issues that came up immediately. I definitely recommend it!"
- Network Analyst Royal Bank of Canada

Get Help with your Upgrade!

Sign up to schedule and participate in our Weekend Upgrade Support Program. If you are unable to attend one of our weekends please be sure to open a Hot Site and Pre-Upgrade Review with our Support SME’s. Click Here for more details.

Check out more about our new releases

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Webinar: What´s new in DX UIM v.23.4
Webinar: What´s new in Automic Automation v.21
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Our customers are happy with their new releases!


“The new Observability View Designer in DX UIM 23.4 is a game-changer! It's incredibly intuitive and allows me to create custom views that perfectly fit my team's needs.” – Healthcare Solution Provider Based in the U.S.

"I'm thrilled with the enhanced personalization options in DX UIM 23.4. Tailoring the Operator Console to our roles has made monitoring so much more efficient."" – Global Service Provider Based in Europe

"DX UIM 23.4's improved scale and resilience for MCS is exactly what we needed. Deploying monitoring profiles has never been smoother or more reliable." – Service Provider Based in APJ

"Security is a top priority for us, and DX UIM 23.4 delivers. The security enhancements give me peace of mind that our infrastructure is well-protected." – Large Financial Services Provider

"Best release in years, eagerly awaiting GA." – Network Design Senior Advisor from a Large IT Consulting Outsourcing

"Upgrade is smooth as butter." – Network Design Senior Advisor from a Large IT Consulting Outsourcing